Friday, August 28, 2015

Curriculum 2015-2016

We are doing a little curriculum change this year:)  We did Heart of Dakota Beyond and Creation to Christ last year.  Some of it was really good, but we felt like we were just going through the motions.  Some of the skills/reading fit my child while some of it didn't.  I had to tweak it to the point that we were barely following the guide.  However, the books are wonderful with the exception of a few, as with the case with any boxed program.  I know many people love HOD, but it just wasn't for us at all.

We are moving on to Sonlight Core A for my Kindergartener, and Core D for my 3rd and 6th grader.  My 3rd grader will read the regular readers, while my 6th grader will read the advanced readers.  I am also using the Language Arts as a supplement to Christian Light Education Language Arts.  This is our first year to use CLE LA, so hopefully it will work out.  We were using Rod and Staff English in the past and I truly love Rod and Staff and have no issues with it at all.  The ONLY reason we are giving CLE a try is because I hear it can be more independent.  Spelling and handwriting is also included in the program and I felt like it could really streamline our day.  Rod and Staff has so much writing, and while you can do most of it orally, I felt like they were not truly retaining the information unless they put pen to paper.  Also, we always let spelling fall by the wayside:(  I figured that they will get more spelling done since it is in CLE:)  I will also have them play games and study their words on Spelling City.  Someone has already entered all the CLE spelling words by grade level in Spelling City! Yay.. perfect.

We are also trying out Sonlight Science core A and D for the first time this year.  I am hoping and praying it will be a good fit.  The discover and do dvd's look wonderful, and I absolutely love all the books that are included with both programs.

For math we are giving Teaching Textbooks a try.  We have used Saxon in the past and it takes forever to get through a lesson.  I have heard all the praises and horror stories on TT, so I am a little nervous about using the program.  However, I think most horror stories were due to the parents not really monitoring what was being taught and reviewing the information with their child.  My children have to do a lesson within earshot of me, so I hear when they get something wrong.  They are to stop and go over the concept with me before moving on.  I may add on Life of Fred and a supplement later on.  I hear wonderful things about those books.

What are you using this year?