Why Homeschool?

Let me start by saying that I am not your ordinary homeschooler!  I have had my children in public school, private school, and of course homeschool.  Fourteen years ago when I started my homeschool journey, I honestly thought I would NEVER EVER EVER send any of them to public school.  I was even... dare I say it.. judgemental of those parents who sent their kids to the evil public school!! Well... I have had to swallow my pride, because I did what I said I would never do!  I have learned that I must take each year and evaluate what each individual child needs!!

 My 19yo son went to public school for High School.  He did great academically, and even socially.  However, their were some peer pressure and he caved on many occasions.

My 18yo daughter went to public school from 9-10th, then a charter school, and now she is thinking about getting her GED.  This sweet girl should have NEVER stepped a foot in public school.  We knew it, but she convinced us it would be ok... and we thought we were just two worried parents, and we let her go.  She has been through a lot, and I wish I could go back and change the course she took.  Maybe one day I will share everything that we have gone through with her.  Not ready to yet, but I know that it will help other parents that may be going through the same thing.

My 15yo daughter is in a very good Private Christian School.  She will be a Sophomore this fall, and has been at this private school since the second semester of 7th grade.  She loves her school, and it is extremely homeschool friendly.  The school is small, and she only has 18 kids in her class.  It is truly like a little family.

My 10 and 7yo have spent a year in public school.  It was not ALL bad, but I can truly "see" why I don't want them there.  First of all, I don't like the curriculum they are using, and I know I can do a much better job.  I don't like what they were learning socially at all.  My 7yo was coming home saying he hated himself and that he "sucks".... yes, he said that... I don't like that word, but I guess when you hear it all day long, you start to think it is ok.  My 7yo is a very smart, above average little boy. However, he moves to a beat of a different drum and his creativity got him in trouble.  He would get bored and choose to cut crayons, or he would start daydreaming about a movie he will direct someday.  He is my artsy little boy, and most boys at this school were VERY sport focused, and he just did not fit in very well.  After being home from school for two weeks, he completely changed for the better!  He did not say he "sucks".... because that was not allowed anymore, LOL, but he became very happy!!  I cannot put my boy through another year of what he endured last year... No, just cannot do it.

My 10yo was the model student.  She made good grades, was the teacher's pet, and everyone liked her.  However, she was bored to tears, and hated all the girl drama!  She begged to homeschool again.  Since she is in gymnastics 13 hours a week, it really makes sense for her to be home.

SOOOO, after all of the above.. I realize how important it is to homeschool.  There is way too much peer pressure for children these days.  I want them to truly be grounded in the Lord!!  My older 3 were all homeschooled for elementary and junior high... and yes, they had a very firm foundation.. but it got shaken once they were put into a situation they were not ready for!  Now, my 15yo has not had any issues beyond a bit of girl drama, so she is truly in a great place.  But, I can assure you that I will not put my younger three kiddo's in public school!  No never ever ever!!

Please trust me when I say that it is important to "finish the race" so to speak with homeschooling.  Now, I know that some can make it through Public School, and come out without a scar.... but that is not the norm.  And let me tell you.. teens are VERY good at hiding what they are doing! I learned that real quick!  I could write a series of blog posts on that very subject!

My husband came up with a little slogan for me when I doubt homeschooling.  It is called The Four P's....

To Protect - to protect our children as long as we can from the evils of this world, and to protect them from pressures that they are not ready to face!!

To Prepare- to prepare them for the "real world" so to speak in a spiritual way

To Perserve- to keep pure

To Present- to present them back to The Father.. to the Lord.

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  1. Your husband is very wise to give this encouragement to you. I enjoyed reading about your homeschooling journey and how it is different for each child. I thought we'd never return to any public schooling after leaving it when the oldest finished grade 4. Fast forward nine years, and our second child is now in grade 11 and attending a public school Engineering program 2.5 hours per day and then coming home for his remaining schooling. It is an amazing opportunity to learn many computer programs for free and not in an adult college environment. There are no girls in his class to distract him, which is a plus! You're right; each child is different. They handle things differently and need different nudges along the way to be prepared to "fly the coop" someday. Kind of scary thinking I'm responsible for so much of it!