2014-2015 plans


Aspen is my gymnast! She will be in 5th grade this year.  She will be doing Heart of Dakota Preparing Hearts for His Glory.  This will be our first year with HOD and I am so excited! Everything looks so good! 

 Aspen will do a one year overview of World History before diving into the history time periods more thorough, and I love this about HOD! 

Bible in woven throughout the program, which I LOVE!!  Aspen will also have a daily bible study time studying various scriptures, as well as scripture memory.

Science will be done a bit differently this year.  I am used to a textbook science, and I love BJU Science.  To be honest, I am a little unsure if I will like science done in a living book manner.  However, I am going to give it a try this year.  Heart of Dakota utilizes the Unit Study approach, so sciences topics and history themes will mesh to allow for natural connections to be made between the two areas. I do love that she will be reading several biographies of scientists this year!! She will be notebooking, drawing pictures, and doing many experiments throughout the year.

Saxon Math 6/5

Aspen will be using Drawn into the Heart of Reading for her literature studies, and will read the Level 4/5 girl interest book pack.

Language Arts
Rod and Staff English 4
Rod and Staff Spelling 4
Dictation as assigned in Heart of Dakota Preparing Manual
IEW Student Intensive A
Written Narrations from History and Science
Poetry from Robert Louis Stevenson

Independent History Reading/Notebooking
Aspen will have daily independent reading assignments that correspond with the time period she is studying.  

Read Alouds
The True Story of Noah's Ark
Aesop's Fables
A Triumph for Flavius
Fountain of Life
Viking Quest 1 - Raiders of the Sea
The Door in the Wall
The Wonderful Winter
The Family Under the Bridge
Twenty and Ten


Aiden will be in 2nd grade this year!  He is my artsy boy!  He loves movies, and aspires to be a director or an actor someday.  He also enjoys playing basketball.  He is very tall for his age, and is a funny, very lovable boy!  Aiden will be doing Heart of Dakota Beyond Hearts for His Glory

Aiden will be learning about early American History from 1565-1865. He will also be notebooking after each lesson as well. 

I will be reading through Leading Little Ones to God with Aiden.  I love this book!!  He will also have scripture memory as scheduled in Heart of Dakota.  Just like in all HOD guide, bible is woven throughout the whole program! Very Christ Centered. 

Science in HOD is unit based, therefore his science lessons will mesh with his history.  Science is only scheduled twice a week with HOD.  I am concerned this may not be enough, but that could just be my typical "do to much" personality!! ha ha  He will also be notebooking all of his experiments.

 Saxon Math 3. 

Aiden will be working through the Emerging Reader's Set.  Aiden is a very good reader, but I want to instill a love of reading, so I don't want to push too fast.  After he has worked through the Emerging Reader's Set, we will move on the Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 2 Bookpack.

Language Arts
Rod and Staff English 2
Rod and Staff Spelling 2
Dictation 2x a week
Weekly Poetry Study
Daily Copywork

Read Alouds
We will be reading through the nine different genres throughout the year. We will learn the different types of literature, identify and analyze a different story element for each genre, learn Godly character traits, and practice oral narration.  Love that this is ALL scheduled out for me in the Beyond guide! I love HOD!!

Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims
Sword in the Tree
Sarah Whitcher's Story
The Cricket in Times Square
The Railway Children
Mr. Poppers Penguins 
Follow My Leader
The Apple and the Arrow


Ashton is my sweet little fireball who can leap off of tall buildings in a single bound!  I am not exaggerating here either!! Ash will not turn 5 until after the school year starts. Sixteen days after, to be exact!!  He already knows his letters, and numbers very well, and loves to "do school", so I have decided to work through My Father's World Kindergarten units with him. 

I will also be using Rod and Staff Reading and Phonics with Ashton.  We will only cover two out of five units this year and finish the program in 1st grade.  I LOVE Rod and Staff's program and have taught three children to read quickly using this program.  It uses a mix of sight words and phonics to get them reading fast! We will do most things orally, but since he loves workbooks so much, I will probably have him work through some of them as well... or as much as he wants:)  But we will go over all of them orally.


Kumon Workbooks
He LOVES the Kumon Workbooks, and I will have him work through the cutting, tracing, pasting, and mazes.  

We will also read through as many Five in a Row books as we can.  I already own most of the books in Volumes 1-3! They are all wonderful!

I also will have many puzzles, and other fun activities for his too!  He is so excited to do school like everyone else!

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  1. You have a great plan! Lots of fun reading time.

    We love BJU Science also and have used it more than any other science curriculum over the years. The DVDs are done very professionally, and it really helps the student to hear the lesson rather than just read their textbook. BJU Science DVDs are one of our best homeschooling picks! BJU usually has a special in December where 6 online classes are $100 each. Of course, who starts school in December? It's almost worth changing up the school schedule to make this deal work!