Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you being tossed in the "Sea of Curriculum"

I know that I am not alone here... I have been in this "sea" way too many times!  It is an overwhelming feeling!  You feel sick to your stomach, confused, but excited at all the possibilities!  Just when you think you will find your way to shore... you are thrown back out to "sea" on yet another boat!

I have homeschooled for many years, and each year it does not get any easier picking out curriculum.  Each and every year, I think that I have finally found the perfect curriculum!! LOL I KNOW you know what I mean!

Here are a few tips I have learned along the way...

1.  There is NOT a perfect curriculum!  It does not exist!  It has taken me years, and wasted money to figure this one out!  I would use something for a few months, and there would be something, anything, even a minor thing I did not like about it, and I would quit using it.   I have learned that it is ok to tweak things, and that you don't have to follow things to a "T"! Make it work for you!! You are in control, not the curriculum.  Yes, I know, it is an easy concept, but a hard one to get!

2.  Don't feel guilty if you have to muddle through several curriculum's to get that fit!

3.  The grass is NOT always greener on the other side... curriculum wise:)  I have tried Singapore Math, Horizon's Math, Math Mammoth, Math U See, Teaching Textbooks, Rod and Staff Math, and Saxon Math.  We started with Saxon Math 15 years ago... and I would hear all of these awful things about Saxon, and wonderful things about other math curriculum's.  Guess what... I am back to Saxon.  It isn't perfect, but my kiddo's understand it and it works for our family.  So, I just have to ignore the Saxon haters... It does not mean that your choice of Singapore is better.... it simply works for you and your family!! The goal is that your children are learning!!!

I have done the above with History, Science, English, Spelling, ect....  yes, I was in a stormy sea!!

4.  Don't compare yourself with others and what they use, and where their children are at.  You are in charge of your children, not others and how they are doing.  You know your children best.  Do not get in an academic competition with others... (and that is a whole 'nother blog post in and of itself)

I just really want to encourage all of you mommies to stay the course with your plans, and that they are your plans, for your family!!  Do what works for you! Do not be tossed in the "Sea of Curriculum"!!  We are so very blessed to have so many choices out there!!  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and not the leading of your mommy peers!

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