Friday, July 4, 2014

Change in Heart of Dakota Plans!

You know how it goes... You research, analyze, pretty much go crazy trying to figure out what you will be using for your curriculum... then when you have it all figured out, it is like winning the lottery!! I know you know what I mean! LOL  So we were going to use HOD Beyond for my 7yo, and CTC for my soon to be 10yo.  However, my soon to be 10yo, started looking over the CTC and Preparing books that was on the table, while I was organizing and pretty much fell in love with the Preparing books.  She asked if she could please just do Preparing first before moving on the CTC!  How could I say no?  She was in public school last year, and although she had a decent year, I feel like her love of learning was lost.  She really wants nothing to do with anything "school wise" at all.  Her taking an interest in the Preparing books is nothing short of a miracle! So of course I said YES!!... Now, of course, I had just about everything planned and ready to go for CTC, so I feel like I am starting over in terms of organizing!  But it will be all worth it!

The only thing that concerns me about doing Preparing, is that she will be off track for the high school sequence and will hit MtMM when she is in 9th grade.  I know I can "beef" it up for credit, and have several ideas on how to do that, but she will miss out on one of the High School guides.. and I DON'T want her tooo..... I feel like throwing a tantrum!   We may do school 5 days a week instead of 4 to get all the guides in by the time she hits High School.. we will see!  That is, of course, several years down the road, so I need to just relax!  Why do we try to plan so far in advance? 

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